Our Portfolio

We offer an extensive range of Commodity and Specialty Products, manufactured by our Principals to the highest industry standards.
We service many end-uses and applications. Our main focus is on Coatings, Adhesives, Construction Chemicals, Resins and Printing Inks, followed by Pharma, Cosmetics, Flavour & Fragrances and General Purpose Intermediates. We are also a prime supplier of Copper-Clad Wires, Insulation and Sheathing materials to the Wire & Cable industry.
Given the wide product portfolio of our partners, we service many other end-uses.
The product categories below provide an insight. For further information please click here to contact the sales manager for your region or use the contact us tab below.

Product Categories

Acetic Acid & Anhydride

Monochloracetic Acid and
its Derivatives

Acetic Acids Esters

Acid Salts

Alcohols & Ethers


Glycol Ethers/Esters

Oxo Alcohols



EO/PO Glycols


Organic Chlorides


Specialty Monomers,
Oligomers & Copolymers

Chloro Toluene Derivatives

PVB Foils

Organic Peroxides

Specialty Solvents

Specialty Methacrylates

Performance Additives for Paints,
Coatings & Emulsion Polymers

Hydrocarbon Resins


Fine, Specialty and Custom
Manufactured Chemicals

Specialty Insulation and Sheathing
Compounds for Wire & Cable

EPDM for Wire & Cable and TPVs

Copper Clad Aluminium or Steel
Wires for the Cable Industry

PVC Additives and VCM Catalysts



Nylon PA6 and PA6/66

BDO and Derivates

Styrene Allyl Alcohol